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People-friendly Copywriting For Your Business

Words are wonderful, but they can get in the way of what you need to say. Industry jargon is one culprit that can leave your people confused. Man vs Word knocks out words to make your message clear.


Say what you need with punch to connect with people and turn them into customers! 

Jargon-free Copy
Sometimes industry jargon can enter our vocabulary without us realising. Industry jargon can confuse your reader with unfamiliar terms. That's not the way to get your message across.

And that’s how copywriting can help you. As your copywriter, I'll listen for your key message. I'll learn what you do, the way you do it and why you do it. I'll start writing, and revise with you. Then, it will be man versus word, removing the unnecessary to ensure your copy has clarity and purpose.

The result? Copy that turns readers into customers.

Website copy

Want copy that speaks to your target market? Want to ensure they understand your products and services?

Not to communicate that you've got the fastest doohickie in the world.

Or that your research lab is the size of eight football fields.

But how you're going to save them time, money, and generate income.

Brochure Icon-01.png


Advertise your products and services with a captivating brochure that shows off the unique way your business can meet your customers’ needs.

I’ll work with your designer to create a brochure that’s attractive, informative, and easy to read.


article writing

Need an article written? Blog post? I've completed courses in journalism, copywriting, creative, and feature article writing.

I've interviewed people to find the gold that makes a good story; from the State President of the NSW RSL, to an electrical retailer in Dubbo.

You won't need to lift a finger and people won't need a university degree to read them.

Newlsetter Icon-01.png


Keep your business in your customers’ minds by sending a periodic newsletter. You can advertise, educate or announce competitions on a weekly or monthly basis.

A newsletter will set you up as an authority in your field. Trustworthy, with knowledge to share.

Product Descriptions-01.png

Product Descriptions

You know you have a world-changing invention and you can't help telling everyone it's built around and 8-core super processor, with 128GB of DDR8 RAM with a 3TB SSD, powered by its own inbuilt nuclear reactor and it's going to change their life!

Phew! Is it? How?

I can write a product description that describes your product's features but highlights the most important benefit of all - why people need it.

Sales letter Icon-01.png

sales letters

Got a great product you can’t wait to tell people about?

A sales letter can sell your product while you set up other avenues of sales.

From an attention-grabbing headline to a persuasive call to action, with a story woven throughout, your sales letter will move people to purchase.

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